Wear a Splash of the Caribbean

Close your eyes and picture the Caribbean.

Deep, refreshing, bright blue waters, so clear they look like glass … the sparkle of sun on sand … warm breezes and the rustle of palm fronds … a sense of utter tranquility.

That is the essence of the Caribbean.  If you’ve ever had the delight of visiting those sandy shores, then you know that there is nothing quite like it.  Once you return home to the ordinary world, you find yourself staring out the window time and again daydreaming of another dive into those crystalline waves.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a gemstone that captured the sparkling, pristine beauty of the Caribbean?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could take those Caribbean dreams and memories with you everywhere?

Well, you can, thanks to the magic of MarahLago jewelry!

MarahLago is the premier designer of Larimar jewelry.  Just as there is no place on earth quite like the Caribbean, there is no gemstone on earth quite like Larimar.

Larimar is known as “Stefilia’s Stone.”  What is truly astonishing about MarahLago Larimar is that it expresses the essence of the Caribbean in more ways than one.  For one thing, the gemstone is quite rare, found only in the Dominican Republic.  So it is a Caribbean specialty.

For another, it looks like the Caribbean.  If you close your eyes and picture the dazzling blue waves of the Caribbean, you are also picturing the warm blue-green tones of MarahLago.  Thanks to the interplay of lighter and darker blues and greens on the surface of the stone, MarahLago even echoes the play of sunlight through the rippling limpid waves of the sea.

From elegant bracelets and statement necklaces to dainty rings and earrings, MarahLago’s collections capture the essence of the sea in a wearable form.  What does MarahLago have to offer, and how can you pair it up with beautiful summer fashions that capture the Caribbean vibe?  Let’s take a look!

Rock the Marine Life Collection

For the animal lover, MarahLago’s Marine Life Collection offers a menagerie of aquatic treasures.  This Larimer Marine Life Turtle Pendant carries the sea on its back,

MarahLago - Larimar Marine Life Turtle Pendant

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while this Whale Tail Pendant makes a fashionable splash.

MarahLago - Larimar Marine Life Whale Tail Pendant

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For those who want to evoke the scenery of the Caribbean, this Larimar Marine Life Wave Pendant embodies the elegance of a crashing wave.

MarahLago - Larimar Marine Life Wave Pendant

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Those who would rather relax on the shore can bask in memories of sunbathing on the glittering sands with this Larimar Marine Life Palm Tree Pendant.

MarahLago - Larimar Marine Life Palm Tree Pendant

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What to Wear:

Since the Marine Life Collection makes a fun, carefree statement, wear a dress which reflects that same carefree vibe.  Great choices include the Kaktus Women’s Sleeveless Knee Length Fish Print Dress

Kaktus Women's Sleeveless Knee Length Fish Print Dress

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or this Ingear Beach Summer Shift DressIngear Beach Summer Shift Dress Long Cotton Tank Dress Cover Up

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The Ingear dress comes in a lot of different colors, but the blue of MarahLago would make a stunning contrast with the black!

Ocean Elegance

In search of something a little more traditional?  The MarahLago Larimar Hydra Bracelet is breathtaking.  Small Larimar stones are suspended like beads of water in a flowing silver setting.

Marahlago Larimar Hydra Bracelet

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Along with the bracelet this Larimar Hydra Pendant makes a perfect compliment, completing the set.

MarahLago - Larimar Hydra Pendant

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What to Wear:

Because the Hydra pendant and bracelet include flowing forms, you should choose a dress with flowing elegance as well, like this Dasior Women’s A-Line Party Dress.

Dasior Women's A-Line Asymmetric High Low Summer Beach Holiday Party Dress

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Sport Simplicity

While many of MarahLago’s Larimar creations conjure the shapes and forms of the ocean and sea life, there are simple pieces which even those with the most minimalist taste can enjoy.  The MarahLago Larimar Basic Round Stud Earrings are a lovely choice for anyone,

MarahLago - Larimar Basic Round Stud Earrings

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as are the MarahLago Cheyenne Earrings.  These basic earrings keep the focus entirely on the beauty of the gemstones and their wearer.

MarahLago - Larimar Cheyenne Earrings

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What to Wear:

Go with the same simple style with your outfit.  You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous Beachcoco Women’s Sweetheart Short Dress.

Beachcoco Women s Sweetheart Short Dress

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Those are just a few popular items from MarahLago’s extensive catalog.  Along with the Marine Life Collection, MarahLago also designs the Siria Collection, the Arbol Collection, the Woodland Collection, the Flora Collection, the Asuna Collection, the Surf Collection, and the Marina Collection.

Each collection features a distinctive style suited to a different taste.  For example, the Flora Collection includes ornate, old-fashioned filigree with a vintage flair.  But these nostalgic pieces are hardly dated; there is an elegant modern twist on all the pendants in this collection.  The filigree is designed to mimic the curling waves of the sea, immediately evocative of the dazzling natural beauty of the Caribbean.

The Surf Collection has a more contemporary vibe, uniting undulating polished Larimar gemstones with wavy white sapphire accents.  This collection reflects the lighthearted fun and relaxation of a day at the beach.  While the quirky glamour of the Surf Collection would suit a very different style than the Flora Collection, both mirror the beauty of the Caribbean with sophistication and allure.

MarahLago has something for everyone.  When you give the gift of MarahLago to a loved one, you are giving the gift of the sea.  MarahLago jewelry is a permanent vacation, a little piece of carefree tranquility which you can take with you wherever you go!

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