Top 5 Statement Earrings Inspired from the Deep Blue Sea

The Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Islands is one of the most spectacular beach destinations in the world. It is famous for sun, surf, sand, sea, and sparkling tide pools. The only thing that many people are unaware of is the exotic larimar gemstone that is exclusively found on this land in the whole of the Caribbean and the world. Such is the rarity of this gemstone.

Larimar is world’s one of the most sought after gemstones because it has unique sea color and is found only beneath the deep blue ocean of the Caribbean islands. The uniqueness was however tapped by MarahLago, the global and leading designer, and manufacturer of larimar jewelry. The renowned brand has left no stone unturned to capture the spirit and essence of the ocean in its jewelry designs. The treasure trove is thus reflected in the sea blue colored glass larimar earrings.

MarahLago’s master designers reflect the mystical allure of the deep blue sea in their drop-dead gorgeous earrings. They have exceptionally captured the beauty of the aquatic life in their artistic interpretation. The silver metal which they use lasts FOREVER so the piece of jewelry becomes more of an heirloom. The sentiment attached to it is more than the worth of the material. So, whether it is one-of-a-kind earring or a limited edition, you may use it either as an accessory or as an investment. So, contemporary jewelry lovers are you ready to see the jaw-dropping sea-inspired earrings collection by MarahLago?

MarahLago’s Larimar Hydra Earrings

Did you realize what’s with today’s woman who is going gaga to don kitsch huge earrings? Whether it is their desire to be dolled up in no time or their sophisticated and feminine craving, the long drop Larimar Hydra earrings are amongst the best in trend. The natural sea blue color and the aquatic marine life easily adapts to any style from cool grunge to chic and preppy look.

Larimar Hanna Earrings

The “IN-thing” of 2016 is the sparkling sterling silver Larimar Hanna earrings. The Larimar stone on candelabra earrings readily accentuate the face features. Make a bold statement by donning the striking earrings that reflect the color of the sea. The larimar stone on silver base along with fish-hook ear wire boasts of a lustrous appeal. With MarahLago’s drop earrings on, look oh-so-hawt even in the most basic or boring clothes ever.

Larimar, Pearl & Blue Topaz Oceana Earrings

Reinvigorate off-duty dressing with the stunning Larimar, pearl, and blue topaz oceana earring. If elegant and classy defines you, you simply cannot miss on this one. For all the fashion conscious ladies out there (including myself), this is one of the highly covetable fashion accessories which you can vouch without giving a second thought. Need to get ready for a party quickly? Add a dash of playfulness by complementing this exquisite pair of earring with your evening gown or formal dress and get ready to receive oodles of compliments.

Larimar and Mother of Pearl Luxe Earrings

The sea-beaming drop Larimar earring is a sure shot head turner and the Mother of Pearl in the middle exudes understated elegance. The symmetry in the danglers oozes an edgy vibe. If you are planning for a destination beach wedding, just wear this dangling earring with a sheer white gown and you are ready to rock the stage on fire. It is a unique combination of silver, larimar, and pearl that can make you look gorgeous and amp up your look instantly.

Larimar & Mother of Pearl Nadia Earrings

MarahLago comes with this incredibly stunning pair of earring that will remind you of your time spent at the beach with the loved one. You will be spellbound and nostalgic as you don this piece of jewelry because the larimar stone that is so intricately placed in the center of this hoop earring makes it a must see. Add this refined piece in your accessory closet and make other girls envious.

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