Larimar Necklaces Bring Out The Real Boho Chic In You

Our world is bounty with astonishing and often divine things which seems unreal to exist in the first place. They are often thought to come out straight from the pages of a fairytale. But, their presence does make us realize that they belong to this very own planet Earth. One such place is the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Islands and that heavenly thing is Larimar, the one-of-a-kind precious gemstone. According to Wikipedia, Larimar is a rare blue variety of silicate mineral pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. Its color varies from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue. So, the more intense the blue color in Larimar is, the rarer is the quality. So, bejewel your neck with MarahLago’s top 5 ravishing neckpieces and unleash the inner beach boho spirit.

MarahLago – Larimar Marine Life Flip Flop Pendant

Voila beach lovers! There’s good news for you! MarahLago has come up with this super-cool, funky flip flop pendant that is ideal for the last minute beach getaways. The sea blue larimar stone and silver pose a striking contrast and leave you with an understated look. This design encompasses an essence of travel. Make sure you carry this flip-flop with you the next time you visit the beach.

MarahLago – Larimar Marine Life Dolphin Pendant

To come to think of it, larimar is the living legend that represents soothing blues of the ocean and sunrays dancing over the waters of the Caribbean. Dolphins form an intrinsic part of this land and mythology suggests that they bring healing powers with them. Get laid back in your home or office and wear the healing powers of the dolphin right across your neck in just a click away. This MarahLago Dolphin pendant will bring luck and charm in your life. Wear it as a fashion accessory or for its healing purposes, this will surely make you look uber cool.

MarahLago – Larimar & Mother of Pearl Marine Life Sand Dollar Pendant

The feeling of basking in the sunshine and lying back in the sand is amazing. I can say that because I love doing it each time I hit the beach. So, don’t wait and grab this amazing larimar sand dollar neckpiece that is filled with hues of blue, green, red and orange. Adorn your neckline with this jaw-dropping and intricately detailed flower pendant that brings sand from the beach to life. Transform your look by teaming this dramatic statement necklace with any outfit. I suggest you to pair it with a kaftan or navy blue jumpsuit for those sunny beach days.

MarahLago – Larimar Del Mar Pendant

The gigantic ocean holds several untold and sunken stories that the designers at MarahLago have beautifully narrated through their jewelry art. They have achieved this vision by designing and developing a spectacular lock-shaped pendant. The silver base in the pendant around the precious larimar gemstone help to heal the ebb and flow of our emotions and leave us calm, content and in peace with the world. Turquoise, the color of the Larimar stone opens the line of communication between the mind and the heart. All the beach lovers, are you ready for new adventures?

MarahLago – Larimar Liquido Pendant

Show your love for the beach and the sea with this sterling Larimar liquido pendant. The exotically handcrafted and sea-smoothed larimar beach glass will always keep you connected to the waves of the sea. This neckpiece is just as stunning and unique as you are. Think of all the beautiful times when the sun rises and sets near the horizon and imagine the sea blue oceanic energies that this necklace emits. Revel in the beauty of this liquid drop shaped larimar pendant and make a unique fashion statement.

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