Larimar Jewelry, A Testimony To Being Beautiful, Being YOU!

Larimar is the dreamy, mesmerizing gemstone and a rare blue variety of pectolite that mimics the wave crests of the crystal blue serene Caribbean waters. The popular gemstone from the Dominican Republic is known by different names. Some call this beauty as the Dolphin Stone for the creature is really charming. Others call it as the Caribbean Gemstone due to its captivating colors that are reminiscent of the pristine and deep blue waters of the Dominican Republic. Still others are fond of calling this gemstone as the Atlantis Stone because they believe that the legendary city of Atlantis fell at this very place.

Mining this rare gemstone is a tedious task because it is found only in the remote, mountainous region of Barahona. Owing to the region’s remote location, the locals still resort to primitive hand tools for mining this highly desired gem. When it comes to jewelry, larimar is still a new kid on the block. Only the exclusive gemstones are found in the mainstream jewelry designs. The polished form of larimar is found in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. MarahLago is the premier manufacturer of original Larimar jewelry. Each piece is perfectly crafted with pops and swirls of the blues reminding Larimar’s home.

The fashion jewelry designers at MarahLago delight in sterling silver settings for the jewelry. Often times, they combine it with stones like Topaz and Sapphire. To have an unforgettable Caribbean treasure, select a piece from the following that speaks volumes to you.

Larimar and Blue Topaz Filigree Sterling Silver Ring

Larimar and Blue Topaz Filigree Sterling Silver Ring

Trimmed with silver spinel and blue topaz gemstone, this larimar ring makes a very interesting piece of color and contrast. The sea-green hue in the center has a captivating presence and conjures up the dreams of a refreshing ocean. It recalls the Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic and will look fabulous with just any outfit. It is a must have larimar ring in your treasure-trove.

MarahLago-Larimar Caressa Bangle Bracelet

MarahLago Larimar Caressa Bangle Bracelet

The 7-inch larimar bangle bracelet from MarahLago is topped with oval shaped gemstone in the center. There’s a dreamlike quality in this hard-to-find precious gemstone that we know you’ll absolutely adore. The easy-to-wear bangle bracelet will add a distinctive element of individuality and you will come back for more. Get ready to be spellbound as it depicts the colors and movements of the sky and the sea.

MarahLago – Larimar & White Topaz Dante Pendant

MarahLago Larimar & White Topaz Dante Pendant

Sulk into the daydream about the sunny beach with this incredible freshwater larimar stone hammered over a swirl of the ocean waves. The white topaz is intricately affixed over the dreamy larimar that takes us back to the sky and the sea. The pendant comes with an 18-inch chain which you can adjust to 16-inches. The exquisitely handmade neckpiece is set in nickel-free sterling silver.

MarahLago – Larimar Alana Bracelet

MarahLago Larimar Alana Bracelet

For a trendy boho chic look, you cannot miss on the Alana line of bracelets from MarahLago. The oval larimar stone in the center depicts power, energy and stability as it rests on a solid silver sterling base. Redefine the talisman and feel beautiful throughout the day with this jaw-dropping larimar Alana bracelet. The Gothic-style layered chain attached at both ends (with a clasp) is enough to make your girlfriends envious about your new fashion accessory.

MarahLago- Larimar Del Mar Bracelet

MarahLago Larimar Del Mar Bracelet

Adapting to the blue and white hues of the sky and the sea, the larimar never disappoints in soothing emotions and bringing relaxation to the mind. This slender piece is chained along 5 cube-shaped larimar stones in the forefront and floral design in the back that evokes a classy feel. You can find this incredible imagination of interlinking the larimar with Caribbean flowers exclusively in the MarahLago jewelry designs.

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