Healing Properties of Top 5 Larimar Bracelets

Edgar Cayce, the American mystic once predicted that the remnants of Atlantis will be found on one of the Caribbean islands. A blue stone would be of Atlantean origin having extraordinary healing properties. My goodness! His predictions came to be true when the world saw Larimar in 1974 in the Dominican Republic.

Known as the Stone of Atlantis, Larimar has made a fairly new beginning in the jewelry sector and its spiritual properties have been very well established in such a short span. This eye-captivator is said to heal the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional being of the beholder. MarahLago is the premier designer of the Larimar jewelry. In a sense, they have gifted this absolutely stunning masterpiece to the whole world to experience. Check out their top 5 Larimar bracelets that are said to have amazing healing properties.

MarahLago – Larimar, Pearl & Blue Topaz Oceana Bangle

Larimar, Pearl & Blue Topaz Oceana Bangle

Get the healing properties of three precious gemstones in one as you adorn this graceful bracelet on your wrist. The Mother of Pearl, blue topaz and of course larimar stones are affixed in this bangle style bracelet. Gridded on a tribal note, the Larimar cuff gives the feminine steeze and masculine touch in one.

The two larimar stones embedded at the cuff-ends help in cooling temper, relieving stress and calming fears. Expect to receive your product masterfully handcrafted by MarahLago’s expert jewelry designers in nickel-free sterling silver.

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MarahLago – Larimar & Multicolored Topaz Curva Cuff Bracelet


This nature inspired slim cuff band is based on sterling silver and is a wonderful piece in itself. To capture the element of nature, the band resembles high and low tides of the waves with the Larimar in the center.

The asymmetrical slim lines spell contemporary design and this gem in the middle evokes classic chic. So far as the healing properties are concerned, it aids in clear communication.

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MarahLago – Larimar ML Logo Bracelet

Larimar ML Logo Bracelet

The five eye-soothing Larimar precious gemstones are cut in the form of a drop and studded on a thin layer of sterling silver just enough to outline its edges. In between, the stones, MarahLago’s logo is embedded which creatively act as a designer piece to reckon with.

For quick alteration, the bracelet is locked with a small bar and hoop. The highly precious gemstone in this bracelet will help you release all the negative energy and give way to your emotional barriers. Thus, it is ideal for calming the senses and eliminating all the distressing emotions that are not benefiting you.

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MarahLago – Larimar & Australian Opal Arbol Bracelet

Larimar & Australian Opal Arbol Bracelet

In the exquisite Larimar & Australian Opal Arbol bracelet, you will see how design and creativity intermingles. The 5 rare blue larimar variety gemstones are interlinked with a sleek slim line of sterling silver and tied to an adjustable bar and hoop lock.

Inside each gemstone, you will find the different streaks of blue somewhere dark and somewhere light which is indicative of its origin viz. in the Caribbean Sea. Being a crystal of serenity, larimar promotes meditation. I won’t tell you furthermore, try it on to know the difference!

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MarahLago – Larimar Cheyenne Bracelet

Larimar Cheyenne Bracelet

Sometimes, having five beautiful gems in one becomes more inviting and precious than a diamond. Meet the timeless Cheyenne bracelet by MarahLago. The leaf-shaped gemstone is affixed on high quality Sterling Silver highlighting the perfect contrast between the posh shade and color of the sea.

Due to its scarcity and healing properties, it makes the most vouched gemstone that has ever graced the world stage. The vibration will help you in forgiving others who have caused you emotional distress in the past. Explore the magic! Buy it today!

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