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7 Precious Marahlago Larimar jewelry that you can buy between $130 – $230

Few gemstones capture the feel of the ocean and island life like larimar. This beautiful, rare mineral is found nowhere else in the world than the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.  One of the leading designers of larimar jewelry is Marahlago, a company based out of Nevada, although Marahlago jewelry is widely available online.

When used in jewelry, larimar ranges from white, light blue, deep blue, and shades of blue green. The cool tones of larimar seem to work best set in silver, and Marahlago designs with this fact in mind. One way to gauge the rarity of larimar is to look at exactly how deep and clear the blue shines through. I love that Marahlago stones, while extremely individualized and each possessing a delicate uniqueness, still maintain that deep, mesmerizing blue that marks a quality piece of larimar.

Marahlago has several collections and they play with different themes and design aspects of larimar. The earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, and statement pieces Marahlago designs accomplish the perfect resort style and an ocean theme that summarizes island life. But the designers also play with the natural variation of larimar to compliment each piece. Marahlago also sets larimar with other stones for a cohesive ocean side color palette

As Versatile As Resort Wear

At a Caribbean resort, you see a wide range of fashion, from ultra casual beach attire to the most formal dinner wear, and everything in between. Marahlago jewelry styles span this same range of fashion, starting with pieces that you wouldn’t be surprised to see at the beach and ending with the most elegant, show-stopping evening pieces. Best of all, many of Marahlago’s pieces are versatile enough to take from one setting to another.

One of my favorites pieces that showcases this versatility is this set of Lara earrings. They are simple enough that they could be worn while lounging poolside, drinking mojitos. Yet, they are sophisticated enough to be paired with an evening gown for a formal dinner at the exclusive resort restaurant. I love that I can bring home that resort fashion feel with Marahlago’s jewelry.

Marahlago Larimar Lara Earings

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Channel the Island Vibe

Woven through the design of the majority of Marahlago pieces is a faint ocean theme. Whether this comes from the natural blues of larimar as inspiration, or the origins of the mineral in the Dominican Republic, it’s hard to think of a material that can express island life as eloquently as larimar does.

Consider this Hydra Bracelet as an example of this design aspect. This piece features droplet shaped larimar set in silver settings and wrapped with silver is a way that mimics the movement of the ocean waves. The piece is casual enough and the theme is versatile enough that you could wear this bracelet in many settings with many different outfits, yet the link to the ocean is undeniable.

Marahlago Larimar Hydra Bracelet

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The Marine Life collection by Marahlago takes the ocean connection to a whole new level. These pieces consist of larimar set in silver shaped like marine life, such as turtles, whales, or manta rays. I love the idea of commemorating an island vacation with a pendant shaped like a sea creature. The manta ray pendant is probably my favorite from this collection, although there are so many beautiful designs to choose from, because on my last trip to the Caribbean, I saw a manta ray for the first time.

If Marine Life isn’t your thing, Marahlago has other designs that also make me think of the white sands and blue waters of the Caribbean. This Wave pendant, for example, is in the Marine Life collection but just features an ocean swell in a circle of silver. I’ve also seen flip flop styles and styles where silver palm trees are set on a blue larimar sky.

MarahLago - Larimar Marine Life Wave Pendant

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Color Variation Within the Larimar

One thing that I just love about natural materials is how the color patterns fluctuate from piece to piece. It’s hard to find two pieces of genuine larimar that look exactly the same. Marahlago designers really understand this and demonstrate it by matching the natural patterns of the mineral to complimentary settings and working with the natural beauty of the stone.

This Abril pendant is a great example of what Marahlago accomplishes, featuring a diamond shaped larimar stone with only a small silver flower as accent. This pendant lets the natural beauty of the larimar shine through and take center stage without being overpowered by other elements. It’s this simple beauty that makes Marahlago such a versatile designer.

MarahLago - Larimar Abril Pendant

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You can see another example of this with the Indra Bangle Bracelet. Although the bangle is made mostly of silver, the simplicity of the silver brings all the focus to the larimar itself. The blue variation in the larimar makes me think of the way that the light plays over a shallow ocean inlet. Marahlago designers use that natural beauty to accomplish the piece without having to interfere too much into the design.

MarahLago - Larimar Indra Bangle Bracelet

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Larimar Used With Other Stones

Marahlago doesn’t use exclusively larimar and silver in their pieces, although those materials are clearly the inspiration for the majority of what they do. Mother of Pearl is one popular gemstone material that Marahlago uses. I love the fact that even when Marahlago uses other materials, they still have that direct connection to the ocean. I have selected two pieces to compare that both use other materials, both have a dreamy ocean tone, yet become two completely different expressions.

The first is this Marine Life Sand Dollar Pendant. The silver is hammered and shaped into a sand dollar. Mother of Pearl and larimar are laid into the center to form the center star. Again, celebrating the natural patterns and colors of the materials, the five gemstones all look different even though they are made from only two materials. This pendant does use stones that are all more muted in color, which is another example of working with the material as it is and as it was created.

MarahLago - Larimar & Mother of Pearl Marine Life Sand Dollar Pendant

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Comparing that Sand Dollar Pendant to this Luce Earrings, you can see the same elements that I love in each, although the two pieces couldn’t be more different! These earrings add spiny oyster into the material list, but use more vibrant color and contrast to create an entirely different feel from the pendant. The Luce Earrings make me feel like i’m shopping on the main strip of a Caribbean marketplace.

MarahLago - Larimar, Spiny Oyster & Mother of Pearl Luce Earrings

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Natural Materials With Stunning Results

Overall, Marahlago jewelry draws inspiration from the natural materials found in the Caribbean, which is seen both in the treatment of the larimar and the overall design aesthetic of the pieces. I love that the jewelry celebrates the larimar in it’s own form, without trying to force it to have a standardized look. The ocean themes are such a perfect setting for larimar that it’s hard to imagine a more ideal use for the mineral.

Aside from the beauty of the pieces, they are also versatile enough to be go-to accessories for a wide range of looks and occasions. Choosing Marahlago means that you can leave the pool side for dinner without even changing your earrings.

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